About - ЯR | Couture Hats By Yana Rajoub

Couture Hats by Yana Rajoub, a  fashion house, is poised to dazzle the haute couture connoisseurs in the Middle East with its breathtaking range of custom-quality head wear. The brand is created by Yana Rajoub, a professional designer and milliner who was trained by Rose Cory, the milliner of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, UK. The unique brand is to be housed and showcased in the heart of downtown Dubai, the most fashionable and vibrant part of the city. Hats have become a symbol of elegance, true passion for fashion and vintage femininity that modern fashionistas enjoy.

Yana Rajoub’s fashionable head wear offerings run the gamut from casual headbands and elegant turbans - ideal for daily use and for special occasions,   perfect for festive social extravaganzas like Dubai World Cup, the Ascot of the Middle East. Couture Hats main forte, though, is  one of a kind line of stylish turbans. A traditional oriental headdress, steeped in history but refashioned as a modern, exquisite, couture accessory. Turbans have always been extremely popular in the region. And many fashionistas around the world done them with casual abandon. Yana Rajoub’s novel creations promise to add pizazz to ladies’ wardrobes with their range of blazing designs, shapes and trimmings.

Couture Hats by Yana Rajoub aspires to emerge as the leading brand and designer of fashion turbans. It aims to create over 100 unique designs and styles for every collection, from richly embroidered headpieces to more casual everyday wears, each one made up of the finest quality of fabrics and trimmings from Italy and U. K., with Swarovski crystals  each one handcrafted by professional tailors from Europe. Each collection is to feature a wide range of colors, offering women the flexibility to pick the most suitable one up for any occasion; each collection reflecting the latest fashion trends. The line of turbans and headbands is to feature in children’s fashion as well.

Couture Hats by Yana Rajoub aims to establish itself as a recognized brand in the Middle East,  in Europe, eventually featuring in all the major department stores and is a participant of prestigious Fashion Forward Middle East fashion event. High quality standards, coupled with unique trendy designs are the core values of Couture Hats by Yana Rajoub, that making it a successful brand.